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Enterprise core values

Work for customers' 100% satisfaction

Enterprise management policy

Philosophy of the enterprise

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  Follow the objective law , constantly change for development

  Change the destiny by ourselves, get the happiness by doing good

  Treat people and things calmly and patiently, be  deligent, thrifty and constantly cultivate morality

  Only by removing selfishness, doing things wholeheartedly and being kind to others, things can 

  be done and people enjoy themselves.

  Treat others with modesty and prudence, never forget to study and refuse to be lazy

  To be brave to challenge ourselves, take responsibility and create miracles.

  Don't think that having great contributions, you will not abide by the laws and regulations, so that

  the contributions and the fault will offset each other.

  Be polite , confident and steady but not arrogant.

US Office Add. :
LANBOOM RUBBER AND PLASTIC CO.,LTD 14728 Yorba Court , Chino,CA, 91710 ,USA

Asia-Pacific Sales Office (Shanghai) Add.:
Lindun Mansion, No.100 North Hengfeng Road, Shanghai City, China

China Production Base:
Zhijiang Industrial Area, Dongyang, Zhejiang China 322105,

Sales : +86 057986568958

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Qr code

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